I work in the Program on Independent Journalism at the Open Society Foundations in London (if you’d like to know more about my career, there’s more detail on my OSF bio and at LinkedIn).

Elsewhere on this site you can find resource pages I have put together as part of my work, as well as articles and reports I have written, and talks and presentations I have given. I am a board member of Archaeos, a NYC-based non-profit dedicated to the preservation of world cultural heritage, and to the advancement of archaeology, anthropology, and education, and I am also a Fellow of the RSA.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are solely mine and do not represent the official position of the Open Society Foundations.

  1. Dear Sameer,

    I read your piece in BOMB today. You may recall you asked about my own interview with Adam Phillips some time ago. I really liked your questions; you got a lot out of him.

    I met Sabine, the managing editor, today. How did you go about getting a piece in BOMB?

    I have a few ideas. Sabine gave me a free copy!

    Let me know,


    • Sameer said:

      Jennifer – thanks for writing, you’re too kind, and yes, I do remember your interview with Adam Phillips (I linked to it). Great that you met with Sabine Russ – here’s how my commission came about

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