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[Cross-posted from Kamera, and written in late 2001]

In August and September 2001, London’s National Film Theatre turns its gaze on the German director Werner Herzog. Hailed as a visionary, denounced as a crazed megalomaniac, described even as a Cassandra, Herzog established himself as a major figure within New German Cinema in the early 1970s. Always a man of will and insight, myth-making and image-making, Herzog’s varied work has been an inspiration to many, and anathema to others. In deference to his obsessions – walking, journeys and quests, physical exertion and accomplishment, the French discovery of the New German Cinema, among others – I took the Eurostar to Paris, to meet a surrogate Harmony Korine, and walked round Paris with only a small, raw potato and a bottle of Benylin for sustenance. Read More