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What was true about monarchy more than a century ago, that “it is an intelligible government [because] the mass of mankind understand it and they hardly anywhere in the world understand any other,” is now true for
democracy. Democracy is not without its enemies, to be sure, but it is devoid of appealing alternatives. The critics of democracy speak in the idiom of democracy, and the vote of the people is the only source of legitimate power.


searchengineland: When it comes to getting general news and information, consumers worldwide put as much trust in search engines as they do in traditional media — and more in both than they do in social media. Also interesting in the Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 (where the data above come from), media was the only institution to …

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This paper explores the news trustworthiness and media credibility of The Economist’s news report on 9 July 2009, and the communicative roles of 846 readers’ responses. Theoretically guided by news translation and cultural resistance and the online public sphere, we applied online field observation and discourse analysis and achieved two main findings: First, although the news report covered the Xinjiang riots with comprehensive and attractive details, it violated the core journalism value of media credibility and journalistic objectivity by providing misleading pictures and significant unreliable and biased coverage. Second, the major communicative roles of the online readers’ responses generally match Dahlberg’s six conditions of an ideal online public sphere, which is still challenging but promising to realize.

New paper: Testing news trustworthiness in an online public sphere: a case study of The Economist’s news report covering the riots in Xinjiang, China.