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1. Online video companies need to know how to get social followings inside & outside of YouTube
2. They must know how to a/b test headlines to know what is likely to drive clicks. You can’t leave this to chance
3. They also know how to a/b test images. Some images will draw in viewers more than others and as it turns out the headlines & images that convert at different in each social network or distribution partner


Seedrs makes it simple for you to discover startups that are looking for early-stage funding, make investments in the ones you like and watch as the businesses you’ve invested in grow, all through a straightforward online platform. We undertake vigorous legal due diligence on every business that is looking to raise money, so you can rest assured that what they say in their pitch is true. And whenever there is a return on your investment – such as when the business pays a dividend, floats on a stock exchange or is bought by another company – we ensure that the money gets paid directly to you.