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I’m playing with Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), and here’s the result – a search engine focused on journalism innovation and experimentation. It currently indexes ~50 sites related to different aspects of journalism, including industry news and analysis, individual analysts and commentators, academic and civil society organisations, philanthropic funders of journalism, and networks of media and journalists publishing regularly on new developments in the field. It’s largely English-language and UK/EU/US at the moment, but will expand over time to include sites covering journalism in other languages, and in other parts of the world. If you have suggestions of sites you think I should include, please tweet or email me.

“For now, here is an animated history of scientific communication, intended to demonstrate scientists’ need for new search tools, produced by the Institute for Scientific Information in 1967. (The Institute would later become famous following its invention of the Journal Impact Factor in the 1970s.)”

Alex Csiszar – Machineries of Search