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The National Orientation Agency was established with the mandate of enlightening Nigerians on government policies, programmes and activities, as well as mobilize public support for same. It is also saddled with the responsibility to re-orientate the attitudes of Nigerians and provide a feedback to government on the people’s feelings and reactions towards its policies and activities, thus expanding the space for public input into government decision-making process.

How can policy-making be made more timely and participatory? How can policy-modelling make better use of ICTs and data? Questions pertinent to the media policy community all over the world… Well, the EU’s Crossover project set out to answer these and related questions, and on 17th and 18th June, they’re holding their final project conference in Dublin to discuss their findings. (You can sign up to attend here.)

Crossover is in the final weeks of developing its research roadmap on policy-making 2.0 – you can comment and contribute here (until June 10th). The final roadmap will be presented at the Dublin conference, alongside various EU initiatives pushing on practical applications in this area – in immigration policy, youth participation in policy-making, and the FuturICT Living Earth Platform.   

You can explore the data from Crossover’s research on their platform here. We’re keen to see how lessons from Crossover can be (or already are being) applied by policy-makers and policy-influencers in the media, communications and internet space – let us know your thoughts by commenting below, or tweeting us