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McDonalds, as with most large multinational enterprises, pursues a strategy of being ‘environmentally friendly’ in order for consumers to view the organisation in a positive social context. In essence, being an environmentally friendly organisation can range from having a concern over the state of natural resources to being concerned over the way in which the organisational activity affects environmental pollution.

McDonalds have four major aims and objectives as far as the environment is concerned:
– ‘Conserving and protecting natural resources’
– ‘Encouraging environmental values and practices’
– ‘Effectively managing solid waste’
– ‘Ensuring accountability procedures’

There are four technical ways that an organisation can be seen in, in an environmental context, and these include socially obstructive, socially obligative, socially responsive and socially contributive.

Extract from a 2003 gap analysis for McDonalds by Financial Times Research.