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A tool that critical infrastructure protection specialist Michael Lisovich developed over the last year and a half in the basement of Lejeune Hall is now in use at Quantico Marine Corps base and generating interest across the Department of Defense.

The product is the web-based Installation Common Operational Picture, a sort of living “super map” that combines a slew of information about the base — from emergency dispatch and crime reports to potholes and the weather — and changes in real time, as conditions change on the ground.

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At this site, I’m trying to show videos that show or speak about human rights abuses, and – as in the Tunisian video above – the impact of human rights abuses on ordinary people. I don’t speak Arabic, so how do I know what this video’s about?

It’s thanks to Tunisian activist Sami Ben Gharbia, who this Monday launched Tunisian Prisoners Map, which shows the prisons where a number of political and other prisoners are being held in Tunisia. The site, which — like sites such as – uses a Google Maps mashup, gives a brief case history for each prisoner, relevant external links, and, where Sami can find it, online video of their families – in the case of the video above it’s Mohamed Abbou. The videos are in Arabic, so I can’t give you more detail (any helpers?), but there’s some background in English in the case histories Sami provides.

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