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With sections covering global affairs, business, culture and media, and design and food, and with a photo essay, fashion spread and fiction excerpt, a copy of The Forecast costs $18 on newsstands, comparable in price to bookazines or special or commemorative issues.


The last ten years of magazine publishing have been a period of rapid innovation, providing a vital record of the era’s diverse visual trends. The Modern Magazine features the best editorial design, looking in particular at how magazines have adapted to respond to digital media. Encompassing mainstream and independent publishing, and graphic and editorial design, The Modern Magazine explores the issues now facing the industry, examining changes to the basic discipline of combining text and image for the global, Internet-savvy consumer. The book looks at key developments in the field, interviewing a broad range of specialists to discover their understandings of the current state of the industry and how different areas of publishing influence each other. Incorporating great visuals and genuine insight into the process of their creation, The Modern Magazine chronicles these exciting changes, providing a resource for designers, with interviews with major figures, summaries of new developments and trends, links to blogs, and more.

From 2004-2012, CIPE worked with the Political Science Institute – Hernán Echavarría Olózaga, based in Bogotá, Colombia, to publish a quarterly Spanish-language print magazine, Perspectiva. Thanks to the rapid expansion of internet service throughout the region, ICP recognized the opportunity to share information with a greater number of people and create an interactive platform for discussion on regional economic and democratic issues. Thus, in June 2012, ICP launched, a digital platform that provides citizens with access to information on politics, economics, and social topics from around the region and beyond.