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AP News talked (six months back) about the evolving and growing appetite for video news in the MENA region, based on a Deloitte Europe report.

Brûlé said Monocle is considering adding new shops or cafes, but its next project, launching this spring, will be a Monocle newsstand near London’s Paddington Station. The kiosk will offer a curated selection of magazines and newspapers as well as global newspapers printed on-demand. Customers will be able to register online, request a printing of newspapers ranging from Norway’s Aftenbladet to The Australian, and then come to the newsstand to pick it up.

BuzzFeed has the opportunity to help shape a new set of standards for a new generation of media. We are offering these standards to our staffers and to our readers as a first attempt at articulating the goal of merging the best of traditional media’s values with a true openness to the deep shifts in the forms of media and communication. We are making this document public to keep BuzzFeed’s writers, reporters, and editors accountable to our readers.

The dynamic, in the selection for a successor, is very much the father figure – an ultimate, revered, unmodern father figure (no psychology allowed here) – picking from among his devoted children, primarily a close circle of women he has mentored for many years. If the Guardian itself were to write this story of the culture at the Guardian it would likely be quite a disapproving one about the patriarchal male exercising undue and manipulative control over the dependent women around him. That in itself presents a curious management bind. Given the Guardian’s high levels of correctness and self-consciousness, the expectation is that Rusbridger’s successor will be a woman. But the women at hand are all acolytes, who have spent most of their careers in devoted attendance to their boss, and hence lack independence or their own authority. In recent years, this circle of followers and potential successors has consisted of four women, each of whom has performed duties of factotum, office wife, deputy, alter ego, and keeper of the Rusbridger flame.

Michael Wolff gets his Guardian-trolling punches in early, with this rather nasty piece about the leading candidates to succeed Alan Rusbridger.

“The poisoned chalice: who will succeed Alan Rusbridger?”

The News Lab at Google empowers the creation of media that improves people’s lives. Our mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs everywhere to build the future of media with Google. We do this through product partnerships, media trainings, and programs that foster the development of the news industry as a whole.

In case you’re wondering what Steve Grove and Olivia Ma of the News Lab at Google are plotting, here’s a brief description on the registration site for their News Impact Summit Brussels