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Data journalism is the practice of analyzing data in order to unearth new stories,” he says. “Structured journalism is the practice of turning one’s reporting into data that can be repurposed in any number of ways.

IPI glossary designed for journalists covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict available here to download. The popularity of the handbook has been key for IPI´s decision to release the complete PDF of the handbook containing more than 75 alternative words and phrases. A print version of the handbook, which is designed to help journalists covering the region, has been distributed to nearly 100 journalists and researchers.

It is important that public figures be held to account for what they say and claim. Media, which has such an important role in holding the public figures to account, also displays bias. In some extreme cases, media has misrepresented facts.

Therefore, Panos South Asia, announces setting up a fact-checking website to encourage transparency and accountability in politics and media. The initiative would be launched in Nepal in the first phase.

BBC strategy over recent years has been deeply conservative, regarding the internet largely as a form of playout for Radio and TV content, rather than a creative medium in its own right.

video and radio on the iPlayer is served up in huge lumps, whole shows at a time, just like on telly.  It is nearly impossible to share, particularly to someone’s mobile.  If for instance you are daring enough as a humble citizen to disagree with the great creative mind that created the 45 minute show and just want to share with your mates the brilliant bit at 37.45 where Anne gets her head chopped off you can’t link to it – you are forced to link to the whole damn thing – YouTube fixed this years ago.

There’s a very limited range of stuff on iPlayer, only on for a month after transmission – there are about 12 million items in the BBC archive, paid for by the licence fee tax and I can only find a couple of 1980s Top of the Pops.

The recent phase of internet video growth has in my view, largely been in non-TV-like media – shorter clips.