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He has no studio, no recording equipment and no transmitter. But Diallo has a telephone line, a computer and the desire to inform and engage his fellow immigrants of New York City on everything from politics to diet.
Diallo is one of the hundreds of West African immigrants in the U.S. who use free conference-call services — like those used in office business meetings — to host free radio shows that can be dialed into from anywhere in the country.

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We don’t often get much from Greece, but 6 December seemed like a busy day for the police and protestors alike…

As I mentioned in my previous post, there were clashes between the police and “youths” in Athens yesterday, during which police shot dead one teenager.  Riots/protests spread to four further cities before an apology was issued by the Interior Minister.  Click for BBC footage.

In a separate incident, the Press Association reports that asylum seekers in Athens also rioted yesterday after one man was pushed into a canal.  And from Brabantfeatures, here’s a report (with the frankly unfortunate title of “Athens inner city racial timebomb warning”) that shows the asylum limbo experienced by many of Athens’ recent migrants, and the seeming paralysis in public policy for dealing with them: