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It’s exciting that the country’s government is investing in the arts, though the gallery’s emphasis on the poor is certainly politically convenient. Céren’s Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) — a formerly militant leftist party — has a history of campaigning in the poverty-stricken, rural regions of El Salvador, where access to basic needs like clean water and sanitation is limited. It’s also worth noting that while thirty family members of civil war victims and eight human rights organizations were invited to the gallery’s opening, journalists were not (the president has already been criticized for his treatment of the press).


Javadekar said there were issues related to the advertising code which those in the field should address. “Somebody applies a deodorant and all women come running, this is demeaning and not the way an advertisement should be,” he said. He said decency should be there as children also watch television. “I am not saying that the government is imposing anything but as I have said earlier the industry should evolve a code about what is decent and what is not decent,” he said.

“FOIA is a customer service,” the video’s trench-coated pseudo–Humphrey Bogart protagonist intones, perhaps by way of explaining why the video uses the concept of diners at a restaurant to act out the transaction that takes place between FOIA requesters and the government. “May I please be allowed into the record room?” a femme fatale in a veiled red hat interjects at one point. Later, the scene inexplicably transitions to a ship, replete with canned-water sound effects.