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In Nigeria chop means to eat with moral or criminal greed. is therefore an editorial documentation of the people’s protest as it unfolds as well as a revelation of many layers of disconnect between power and people


While online and digital technologies have enabled the democratisation of content provision, this also raises issues regarding the veridicality of the documentary as a genre. Where does the authority of online, crowd-sourced documentaries come from? And what expectations do audiences retain regarding the truth claims of digital documentary? With digital technologies offering the opportunity to not only record and upload ‘real’ events as they unfold, but also to manipulate images, questions continue being asked concerning the ethics and politics of such forms of representation. Using 18 Days in Egypt as an example, this essay examines the truth claims of crowd-sourced online documentaries, how these relate to the testimonies provided in such practices of media witnessing, and the underlying geo-politics of knowledge production that has been explored in scholar-activist groups such as Coloniality/Modernity.

Much like how The New Yorker is known for printing in-depth reportage side-by-side with literary fiction and poetry, “The New Yorker Presents” will feature a short film starring Tony Award-winner Alan Cumming, a documentary about biologist Tyrone Hayes, an interview with performance artist Marina Abramović and a poem by Matthew Dickman.

Shen Yongping (沈勇平) is a documentary maker living in Beijing best known for making One Hundred Years of Constitutionalism (《百年宪政》) (trailer in Chinese), now available on YouTube. He was detained in April of this year, and charged with illegal business operations. His trial will be held at 9:30 am on November 4th, 2014, in Yuhe Court of Chaoyang District People’s Court (北京市朝阳区人民法院温榆河法庭). [No news that I can see since then – at least not in English]