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Crowdfunding researched data now projecting to hit more than USD1 trillion in a decade. Asia youth combined with our effort is working hard on all ways to honor the startup journey and inspire youth, woman, silver-hair, hydropreneurs, hawkerpreneurs, fashionpreneurs, impactpreneurs, technopreneurs, etc to reach out beyond Singapore, stretch out to Asia then hit global.

CrowdFunding Asia

The Media Talk podcast is just the latest orowdfunding project to celebrate success in recent months. Blogger Peter Jukes used crowdfunding to enable him to cover the eight-month hacking trial, raising more than £20,000 in total. In December, the editorial team behind a new computer magazine, Linux Voice, celebrated securing £90,000 investment on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. And in March, via the same website, pro-independence website Wings Over Scotland crowdfunded £100,000 in the space of a couple of weeks.

There are more than 70 journalists located in 30 countries on Beacon right now, with projects such as this effort to release government documents around U.S. counterterrorism, and this project covering the threats facing North American deserts. There are even journalists grouping together to create micro-publications, such as Climate Confidential. The site is currently strongest on overseas and public-interest journalism, since that’s an area that requires a significant investment (and one where many publications are pulling back).