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[Originally published here on the WITNESS Hub blog.]

There’s an interesting post over at GV, where Maya Norton scours the Israeli blogosphere for reactions to “Closed Zone”, a new 90-second film about the closed border around Gaza:

Read Maya’s post here – and read more about the film, and Gisha, the organisation that made it, here.

[Originally published here on the WITNESS Hub Blog.]

The Al Jazeera English show The Listening Post has just rolled a brilliant animation over its closing credits.  Put together by 4 students at the Vancouver Film School, it’s called “Iran: A Nation of Bloggers”, and it’s got pace, energy and style (not unlike Avaaz’s “Clash of Civilisations” piece from last year), as well as weaving in a range of topics quite neatly, in 100 seconds (not including the credits…):

Any other great examples of human rights-focused animations out there? Post them in the comments!