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Click above to watch Paul Mason‘s latest film for Newsnight’s Geek Week 2.0, which asks the question: “When I am on the internet, where is my mind?” (a question my partner has been known to ask of me.)

Paul’s other features this week are on the growing impact of mobile phones in Kenya, and the next “killer app” unveiled at CES this week. His latest post from the Consumer Electronics Show is here.

Newsnight is building an impressive track record of experimentation, even if not everything always hits the editorial spot – Oh My Newsnight, in particular, could -should- become a regular slot on the programme.

[Originally published here as part of WITNESS‘s collaboration with Global Voices Online]


At this site, I’m trying to show videos that show or speak about human rights abuses, and – as in the Tunisian video above – the impact of human rights abuses on ordinary people. I don’t speak Arabic, so how do I know what this video’s about?

It’s thanks to Tunisian activist Sami Ben Gharbia, who this Monday launched Tunisian Prisoners Map, which shows the prisons where a number of political and other prisoners are being held in Tunisia. The site, which — like sites such as – uses a Google Maps mashup, gives a brief case history for each prisoner, relevant external links, and, where Sami can find it, online video of their families – in the case of the video above it’s Mohamed Abbou. The videos are in Arabic, so I can’t give you more detail (any helpers?), but there’s some background in English in the case histories Sami provides.

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