Last February, the Colombian media revealed that the country’s intelligence service carried out widespread surveillance of key NGOs, journalists, and leftist politicians, including their own governmental team responsible for negotiating a peace agreement with the Colombian guerilla. The Colombian operation, named Andromeda, sheds light on an unchecked intelligence surveillance apparatus, highlighting how the country has failed again to put human rights at the center of their surveillance activities. This new disclosure recollects previous instances of illegal surveillance, known as “Las Chuzadas.” The Colombian secret service (DAS) used to spy on political opponents, journalists, labor organizers, and even NGOs seeking to alleviate human rights abuses. It also sought to neutralize the work of the European Parliament Human Rights Commission by using smear campaigns, as well as silence and manipulate critical voices in the media. The DAS was stopped in 2011 and a new secret service is now in operation.


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