Google’s infrastructure needs go far beyond server racks. As Google’s products and services scale to serve billions, the Strategic Negotiation team works behind the scenes to secure infrastructure for Google’s future – everything from underwater cables to data center space. As a Strategic Negotiator, you combine your deep market knowledge with tech industry savvy to negotiate cost-effective solutions to support Google’s growth. You’ll work with specific project teams on negotiating deals, managing vendor and partner relationships and presenting deal recommendations to our leadership. Your successful negotiations have the potential to impact every part of the business and save Google millions of dollars in operating costs. You’ll negotiate significant deals to ensure Google receives contract compliance and cost effective solutions. You’ll lead project teams on special deals, manage vendor relationships and present deal recommendations to Google leadership. Responsibilities
Lead the negotiation and execution of phone number sourcing efforts in multiple countries for inbound voice and messaging services.
Manage and develop strategic carrier partnerships.
Collaborate with internal product, business and technical teams to identify and implement initiatives necessary for the evolution of Google’s voice platform.
Communicate strategy internally and collaborate with key project teams and network deployment teams.

Strategic Negotiator, Voice – London [So Google Voice is going European after all…]

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