We cannot understand how suffocating the media atmosphere is here in Turkey right now by simply analyzing the government’s intolerant attitude. What Yavuz said about his colleagues’ reaction is another element heightening this atmosphere. Many people simply turn a blind eye to injustices done to their friends; they don’t even call them. There is another thing: This ever-growing army of unemployed journalists cannot find jobs in other media outlets. Once you are fired for “political reasons” you have quite a difficult time finding work in another newspaper. From Hasan Cemal to Mehmet Altan, there are so many veteran journalists and columnists who either do not write anywhere or pen articles free of charge for web news portals. There are of course some circles in the media who try to show this human eating machine as though it is a routine in which newspapers just try to get rid of people with whom they are not satisfied. The current situation is far from this; so many media outlets are willing to sacrifice their most popular writers and anchors just to avoid angering the government for this or that reason. So many media bosses have very profitable other businesses with the government. Their dependency lies at the heart of the problem. The media ship in Turkey has long passed the stage at which it was sending out an SOS; it is now simply sinking!


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