The fundamental question here is whether Today’s Internet is , transparent and democratic and open. Due to the fact that these adjectives have different meaning in view of different entities /people In view of many governments, in particular, those of developing countries none of these three adjectives prevail in the Internet Process .a) it is not transparent as the relevant information is not actually clear and transparent. It is not democratic since governments has either no role or little advisory role in the management of the Internet .It is not democratic because governments are not treated with / on equal footing with respect of other players .It is there under almost private or less inclusive / non collective management. In fact some of the most important area of Internet dealing with public policy issues are not governed by collective governments cooperation or any intergovernmental organization but by individual national government( s) and big businesses as a totally decentralized bottom-up regime of governance .The most blend of that is that a very narrow pro WGIG DEFINITION of Internet governance exclude vital issues such as intellectual property, privacy, enforcement, and data protection on line filtering and network neutrality.
The catastrophic issue is that some country, exercises major control over a vital area of Internet governance improperly and misleadingly claims that the broaden intergovernmental participation in the governance of Internet would result in handing over the key issues to other countries to have any role in the governance of the Internet.

Comments from the Iranian representative in the WTPF Informal Experts Group on the ITU Secretary-General’s Draft Report in Feb 2013.

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