On 5 December 2012, political analyst Ding Chan Awuol, who wrote under the pen name Isaiah Abraham, was dragged out of his house by “uniformed men”, according to one eyewitness, and shot in the face. Relatives believe Abraham was murdered for his outspoken political commentary, and said he had received death threats from anonymous callers urging him to stop writing.
One employer, the Sudan Tribune newspaper, says Abraham was called into national security offices weeks before his death to answer for a piece calling for President Salva Kiir’s resignation after a contentious deal with Sudan on oil and borders. Government spokesman Barnaba Marial Benjamin said authorities were “70 percent sure it was an assassination”, as public outrage grew and civil society called for the perpetrators to be punished and security ministers to step down.
“The investigation [into Abraham’s murder] is going on. Probably some suspects have been arrested,” said Minister of the Interior Alison Monani Magaya.


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