The team catapulted a typical policy-planning meeting into the Facebook age with collaborative small-group sessions that examined our biggest successes and challenges and took breaks to socialize and munch on quesadillas and kebabs. And what did we find out? Evolving how we think about public policy in the era of the social web may be as important as evolving public policy itself. Facebook DC believes in the value of pursuing a complicated policy question even if the answers are elusive, because chipping away at the big problems together makes us uniquely able to address new challenges. We believe the true sign of success is more than just a new position paper or a press release. Success is a better, deeper perspective on the role of our platform in the lives of hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Reflections on Our Inaugural “Po-Hack” – Facebook, 27 June 2011

I’ve been looking at the relatively limited number of policy hackathon examples online, and this is the one I was both least and most surprised to see.


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