In Finnish newspapers, there are several examples of large convergence projects. The large companies have the most resources. The ability to resolve technological issues – whether they are hardware- or software-related – seems to divide the newspapers researched in this study. The larger companies usually have more technological resources of their own. National and regional dailies have more innovations and converged solutions and practices than the local ones; the innovativeness of local dailies depends a lot on the personal interest of owners and managers. Many of the local dailies are very passive on the Internet, showing only contact information or other static text, while the most active ones have launched news feeds, e-papers, blogs, etcetera.

Media Convergence and Business Models: Responses of Finnish Daily Newspapers – Katja Lehtisaari, Kari Karppinen, Timo Harjuniemi, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Hannu Nieminen and Anna Viljakainen

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