The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in 2000. It is a multilateral platform for exchange and cooperation between China and African countries that have formal diplomatic relationships with China, and covers various aspects of politics, trade, economy, society and culture.
There have been four FOCAC ministerial conferences to date, the third coinciding with the China-Africa Summit. FOCAC ministerial conferences are held every three years, and alternate between China and an African country.
The fifth ministerial conference took place on 19–20 July 2012 in Beijing. All previous FOCAC ministerial conferences and their follow-up actions have had a great impact and deepened bilateral cooperation between China and Africa.
This report assesses the success of FOCAC in fulfilling commitments made at previous ministerial meetings, and the challenges and opportunities for institutionalizing FOCAC as a platform for promoting China-Africa relations in coming decades.

FOCAC twelve years later: achievements, challenges and the way forward | SAFPI

Some good detail in here on the history of exchanges between China and African countries.


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