Editor of Barta24.net Sardar Farid Ahmed said, “The proposed policy has been drafted on the basis of community radio policy, so many things remain unchanged and definitely those are not applicable to online policy.”
Mentioning about the new information minister Hasanul Huq Inu, he said, the new minister is technology-friendly and we can hope that he will not approve any draft policy that will affect the future of online Media.”
Head of News of ANBnews24 Rahman Mustafiz informed that the new information minister asked him to submit an alternative draft policy over consulting with online experts, including banglanews Editor in Chief Alamgir Hossain.
Later all were urged to give their opinion on online policy to onlineeditorbd@gmail.com to help finagling a position paper for sending to the concerned authority before finalization of the draft.

Bangladesh: Proposed Online Mass Media Policy:”Not online friendly”, say Editors – and call for assistance in developing a new draft policy…

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