Media observers say that Bulgaria needs to take measures to make media ownership more transparent. Many outlets are struggling to survive in the small market, in which advertising money is often scarce. Those difficult conditions prevent strong competitors from emerging to keep political and business meddling in check. In addition, many of the country’s journalists lack sufficient training. Two groups that hold major stakes in the national media are New Bulgarian Media Group, which is controlled by Irena Krasteva, a former head of the state lottery whose son, Delian Peevski, is a member of Parliament. Since 2007, the group has acquired five newspapers and a television station. The other major player emerged at the end of 2010 when WAZ Media Group of Germany sold two mass-circulation dailies, Trud and 24 Chasa, to a consortium that included Ognian I. Donev, the chairman and executive director of Sopharma, the biggest pharmaceutical company in Bulgaria; Lyubomir Pavlov, a former banker; and Hristo Grozev, a businessman and media consultant.


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