The design team of ILC.iNK created an extraordinary map of U.S. interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The map was included in the Summer ‘08 issue as a pull-out poster. It lists the Republicans and Democrats who were  U.S. presidents at the time of the interventions, which makes it a great educational tool and reminder for the election year; to create real change in the bi-partisan U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America, it’ll take more than a change in the White House but the kind of hard and persistent grassroots organizing that has brought the victories that we are seeing in Latin America.

Map of U.S. Intervention

Download a high-resolution version of the map: pdf (9MB), jpg (10.6MB), smaller jpg (3.2MB) 

In the Spring of 2011, ILC.iNK collaborated with SOA Watch on an updated version of the map, illustrating the sad continuation of the same U.S. policies under President Obama.

Download a high-resolution version of the updated map: pdf (5MB), jpg (6.9MB), smaller jpg (1.5MB) 

You can order printed copies of the map from SOA Watch. Click here to order.


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