Local media protection against transnational media remains an enduring subject in policy discourse, especially in developing countries like Pakistan and others in South Asia that are experiencing an asymmetrical cultural flow through means of very popular transnational content. In this age of digital communication, Pakistan still resorts to legal, administrative, economic and violent means for restricting transnational media for cultural and corporate protectionism. The popular broadcasting and unpopular blockage of transnational Indian satellite channels on cable TV networks in Pakistan is becoming a hot topic of policy debates, as consumers want access to transnational media content, whereas the government cultural and local industry still consider protectionism an important factor. In a dynamic process of change, it is the interaction of many factors that brings about endless possibilities either facilitating the transnationalization of national or local cultural industries or impeding further growth of global media. The current opinionated policy approach is without a doubt failing the development and competition in quality and diversity of media growth in Pakistan.


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