in a British study, trained supermarket cashiers were tested on their ability to screen shoppers using credit cards that included a photograph of the card owner. Each shopper was issued four cards: one with a recent picture of the shopper, one that included minor modifications to the shopper’s hairstyle, facial hair or accessories (e.g., glasses, hat), another card with a photograph of a person similar in appearance to the shopper, and the last card with a photograph of a person who was only of the same sex and race as the shopper. When the various cards were presented to the checkout clerks, more than half of the fraudulent cards were accepted. The breakdown was as follows: 34 percent of the cards that did not look like the shopper were accepted, 14 percent of the cards where the appearance had been altered were accepted, and 7 percent of the unchanged cards were rejected by the clerks.

A 2003 report by RAND into facial recognition technologies cites a British study of how bored supermarket cashiers are…

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