Persephone Miel

I’m really very saddened to learn of the death of Persephone Miel two weeks ago.  There’s little more to say than that, really – it’s a genuine loss, both on a professional and a personal level.  I knew Persephone through friends, through her work, and through many lengthy conversations at conferences we both attended both in the US and elsewhere – conversations that ranged far and wide, and always left me feeling richer.  I found her funny and engaging, knowledgeable and professional, generous and open, and I – like many others – shall miss her.  My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues worldwide.

It happens I was recently reading a blog post about the Proserpine/Persephone myth, containing these lines by American poet and translator Roger Hunt Carroll, now brought back to mind by reading Doc Searls’ post on preserving Persephone’s work in cyberspace:

There can be no farewell:
I will come this way again in forms
created from other lives,
bound with lilac and softer flowers
whose breath will speak my advent and reprise.

  1. Thanks Sameer, especially for this beautiful and appropriate poem fragment.

  2. JoAnne Woolley said:

    Sameer, What a lovely poem, so evocative of our dear Persephone. Thank you for sharing and directing me to Doc Searls’ post. I hope you are well.

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