links for 2009-10-06

  • "The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) represents the interests of town and parish councils in England – a total of around 8,500 councils. These councils have powers to raise their own funds through precept. Parish and town councils provide employment for over 25,000 staff, while their annual expenditure is in the region of £400 million. The councils NALC represent serve electorates ranging from small rural communities to major cities, and are all independently elected. Together, they can be identified as the nation's single most influential grouping of grassroots opinion-formers. Over 15 million people live in communities served by parish and town councils nationally – this represents about 35% of the population. Over 150 new parish and town councils have been created since 1997. Working with, and for our member councils, NALC is actively involved in lobbying government at a national level to advance and protect the interests of these councils, and their communities."
  • Tim O'Reilly's original piece setting the contours for web 2.0 – interesting to re-read at this point, and then to look at some of the next-gen stuff being thought out by Schulze and Webb, Berg London, etc.
  • "Internet scams, phishing, identity theft and other attacks that exploit your personal data are always a threat when you shop online, set up an email account, use a credit card, manage an online bank account or carry your Social Security card. There is hope, however, for fighting these threats, and you can start by taking back control of all of your personal data. The 50 tips and tools in this list will help you understand how these scams originate, how to protect yourself online and offline, and how to track down your personal data on the Internet."
  • Interesting piece about the merger between online journalism and feature journalism – is this the perfect format?
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