Mumbai terror attacks – early images of aftermath on Flickr

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– Technorati tracking blog updates on Mumbai
– Mumbai Twitter users sending updates to the Mumbai group
+ Global Voices link changed below


There have been coordinated attacks on an unprecedented scale by gunmen, as well as bomb blasts, in several locations in the Indian city of Mumbai. There are also reports of a serious hostage situation inside the Oberoi Hotel. CNN-IBN has live video, BBC has footage, and there are updates coming from bloggers throughGlobal Voices.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of information emerging as to who might be responsible, how many have been wounded or killed, and what’s happening right now, but in addition to the sources above certain places are emerging as nodes of information:

If you are in Mumbai and want to let people know you are OK, Dina suggests you click here, or use your Facebook or IM status message to let people know.

Vinu’s posting updates via Twitter and photos via Flickr. If you’re using Twitter, you can add #mumbai to your tweet to add to the stream of conversation and information.

Xeni Jardin and the Boing Boing community are pulling together news/other sources here.

More as we get it – please email with relevant video links.



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