Yasyuk was taken to a police station where she was stripped naked by a female police officer, while two male officers filmed with a video camera. Yasyuk demanded that the cameramen leave the room, but no one heeded her. […] “I have an impression that the authorities came to the conclusion that the previous level of repression was insufficient and they decided to raise it,” [opposition activist Mikola] Statkevich said. “Therefore, they try to add psychological torture. So they will continue to strip people naked.”

[Belarusian Activist Forced To Strip By Police, Calls Experience Case Of ‘Torture’ ] – [Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2008]

This has echoes of the Squatgate case, but with one important difference – the use of video to document the stripsearch is much more akin to the Egyptian police’s use of video to reinforce suspects’ humiliation.


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