Williams and Dorsey are thoughtful, considerate of the users, and don’t sound at all bitter. “It didn’t feel great, to be honest,” sighs Dorsey. “We have extremely patient and forgiving users, which has been a big help. But we are all users of the service ourselves, so are all our friends and families. We are all feeling the pain and the frustration. It creates a lot of pressure on everyone here. It’s not the healthiest way to exist, to be in crisis mode all the time.” Williams, too, is always thinking of the users. Even the most critical ones. He likes to see things from their point of view. “The level of criticism has been very intense at times,” he says. “You try to remember the reasons for that. It’s a cliché, I know, but people wouldn’t be so critical if they didn’t care. And that’s reassuring, in a way.

Twitter searches for the next step | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Twitter founders Ev Williams and Jack Dorsey on the tech troubles they’ve had over the past few months.  Lessons for us all in there…

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