Editor’s Update

[Originally published on Panos London’s AfricaVox here.]

A bleary-eyed morning for everyone after yesterday’s scuttling around, softened by a traditional Scottish breakfast. The first time many (any?) of the journalists – many of whom have faced pretty hairy situations in the name of journalism – have had to contend with a haggis. A change for the better for Fackson Banda, at least, who, faced with a Cafe Rouge salad on Friday, complained that he is not a giraffe, and does not eat “leaves”.

On the AfricaVox site today, Machrine and Ndesanjo bring us views collected on the streets of Kampala and Moshi, and Maura and Ndesanjo hear from both European and African demonstrators in Edinburgh on the Summit and the march.

Here on the blog, Machrine’s post about her day shadowing Newsnight’s Paul Mason is nearly ready, and a bit later Ndesanjo’s going to at creativity among the banners and placards at yesterday’s march.

Hilary Mbobe, winner in the Radio category at this year’s CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards, arrived safe from Blantyre earlier this morning, but without his bags, which the airline have helpfully left in London.

Fackson has kindly lent him one of his more sober shirts, but only after he had soundly thrashed ex-Panos Director James Deane at table football.

And Solana Larsen of openDemocracy in New York has spread the word Stateside… so welcome to those joining us from North America…

[Editor’s addition: Robin Grant of perfect.co.uk gave us a kindly plug too.]


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